A little about me

A Kansas City native, Jennifer was born and raised in Louisburg, KS where she learned her love for the country life. Although she has spent her adult life in Overland Park and Prairie Village, her country roots have helped give her an edge with dealing with rural property. With over 35 years of experience, Jennifer brings a well rounded knowledge to the team. She has experience in everything from new construction to land and knows much about the detailed history of our city’s development. Jennifer’s love of real estate shows whenever you have a conversation with her. “I love every client I have the opportunity to work with – all ages, all stages of their lives. I am always honored that they have chosen me to assist in making one of the most important decisions of their lives. I continue to be amazed at the joy I feel for each and every client.” When Jennifer isn’t selling real estate, she is spending her time with her family. She has two grown sons as well as two talented grandchildren. She also loves plants, travel, music and spending time with her beloved friends. She isn’t afraid to try anything and just recently began learning a musical instrument. Her persistence and charm definitely serves all of her clients well. You can reach Jennifer at: 913.271.4734