A Few of My Favorite Things – September 2019

As a reminder, we are continuing with our series of “A few of my favorite things” as a way to share some things that are completely random and may or may not be business related, but that we are really enjoying at this point in time. This month, the favorite things list is from Tony Long!


A Podcast I am listening to: LeVar Burton Reads.
LeVar Burton was the dude from Reading Rainbow back in the day and on this podcast he reads short stories that are usually anywhere between 30-60 minutes long. I enjoy the podcast because its relaxing and the stories he picks are usually pretty good.

An Item that I am using: The AeroPress 
I am slowly trying to learn more about good coffee and ways to brew it and serve it, so I decided to buy an AeroPress and a coffee grinder.
The AeroPress is a beginners way of brewing small cups of coffee, its extremely easy and you can usually have a cup of coffee made in about 5-10 minutes. Your coffee will taste way better than it does in a Keurig, and you will save money by not buying Starbucks.
App that I am using: Scannable
You can buy this app in the app store and it is wonderful for scanning documents and then emailing them to whoever needs them.
I don’t know how many times I hear people say “my scanner is broken so I am going to have to drop my documents off to you”. The Scannable app makes it so that you will never need a physical scanner again. The quality of the app is some of the best I have seen.
A supplement that I use everyday: Amazing Grass: Green Superfood
Not too many of us can say that we eat a good amount of fruits and vegetables every day, so this supplement does it for you. 1 scoop of Amazing Grass will provide you with 2 full servings of fruits and vegetables. It is gluten free, no sugar added, plant based and non GMO. I have a scoop in the morning and a scoop in the afternoon and it gives me the energy I need if I am starting to slow down. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t taste great but if you start using it daily you will get used to it. You can buy this supplement on Amazon and I know there are other green supplements out there but I found this to be the cheapest.