Ask an Inspector – Identifying Termites

Termites, as we all know, are your home’s enemy. The good news is that not all insects that are thought to be termites are actually those destructive little creatures. Many are common household ants. Although very similar to ants in terms of shape and size, termites have some unique features which help identify them.
 – Termites are a light color, usually a white/cream color and can sometimes look quite translucent.
 – They have straight antennae compared to ants.
 – Termites have a thick waist

So the next time you see ants, don’t worry that you have termite issues. You can spray for ants, and take care of the problem easily. Termites are another issue all together. Oh, a bit of trivia: Did you know that termites are more closely related to cockroaches than ants? Disgusting, but true.

In the next issue we’ll talk about everyone’s favorite subject: Mold – and we’ll discuss how to easily get rid of it.

-Robert Ladd
Legacy Home Inspections