Ask an Inspector – Insulation

The easiest way to reduce your utility bills is to maintain a house that is well-insulated, especially the attic. ​In the summer, your attic can rise to 130 degrees, and in winter will mirror the exterior temperature, which can drop below zero. Not many people venture into their attic to check the amount of insulation they have, but its time well-spent. Code for new construction today is R-30, which is obtained with 11-14″ of blown insulation or a 10″ roll of batt insulation. 

So find your attic access (usually in the ceiling of a closet) and measure the depth of insulation. If it’s less than 11″, you might consider blowing in a bit more.


But the attic is not the only place you can insulate and dramatically reduce the costs of heating and cooling your home. You can insulate air ducts, cathedral ceilings, exterior walls, foundations, crawlspaces, and many, many more places. If you’d like more information, the US Energy Department has a wonderful website that explains the various methods of insulating a home. Take a couple minutes and visit them. It will be time well-spent also.


Hoping you stay cool this summer and warm next winter!

-Robert Ladd
Legacy Home Inspections