Ask an Inspector – Radon Gas

Radon seems to be a big issue on the minds of many homeowners these days. Here’s what you should know:

1. Radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer, after cigarettes.
2. If you smoke, you are 7 times more likely to get lung cancer if you have high levels of radon.
3. The EPA determined any measurement over 4.0 should have a radon reduction system installed.
4. Around 45% of all homes in Kansas City have high levels of radon.
5. More people die each year from radon-related cancer than drunk driving (see chart).

We’re offering free radon testing ($99 value) for the month of December for all Long Real Estate¬†clients.

Just call us at 913-484-4157, to schedule a test. It only takes 48 hours, and we know the results immediately.

Take care everyone, and hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

-Robert Ladd
Legacy Home Inspections