Ask an Inspector – Rainy Season

We’ve been through a bit of drought lately in Kansas City, but the rainy season is now here. Since water is one of the worst enemies of a house, its the perfect time to clean out those gutters and remove any limbs & leaves that have accumulated in the valleys on the roof. If you have a sump pump, check it to make sure its operating properly. We recommend installing a backup battery for pumps, in case of an electrical outage during a storm.


Just in case you’re in the process of installing new gutters, we strongly recommend the 5″ seamless aluminum model for gutters and downspouts. Larger gutters allow more water to channel into the downspouts, with less spilling over and onto the foundation. And it is excess water around a foundation that sometimes causes cracking of the basement walls.


Also, another way to protect your foundation from water is to vent your downspouts directly into a French drain, which collects the water and disperses it underground 4-5′ away from the home. ‚ÄčAt minimum, we recommend installing a plastic vent hose onto the downspout, instead of using a traditional splash block.


Finally, a good practice for keeping water from causing trouble is create a slight grade away from the home with a couple bags of dirt. Try and maintain a 1″ slope for every 12″ into the yard.


Rain is great for the yard and flowers, but tough on a home’s foundation. Prepare yourself now, and you may not have to pay later.

-Robert Ladd
Legacy Home Inspections