Getting to Know Emily Hagen

We’ve been having fun introducing you to some team members who recently joined our ranks, and we have one more!  This month we would like to introduce you to Mrs. Emily Hagen, the Director of Marketing for Long Real Estate Team. 


Emily’s role includes setting up listings for MLS, creating content for all of our social media and newsletters, coordinating client events, and occasionally spending too much money on office supplies. Let’s find out more! 


LRE: Where did you grow up?

EH: Right off of 97th and Lee Boulevard in Leawood, KS. I lived in the same house my entire life until I went to college at the University of Kansas just 45 minutes down the road. Apparently after that I decided I needed to have an adventure a little farther away, so I moved to France after graduating with a degree in Journalism that included a minor in French. I lived there for a year as a nanny, and then I moved right back home to Kansas. I love to travel, but Kansas City will always be home.


LRE: What does your nuclear family look like?

EH: I have been married to my husband, John, for almost eight years. We live in the ‘burbs with our three dogs, Weston (seven-year-old spoiled rotten dachshund), Mort (six-year-old small terrier mix that we affectionately call dumpster dog, because he looks like he just came out of one), and Bertha (a seven-year-old three-legged border collie mix with a heart of gold and a terrifying snarl if you’re a stranger or you accidentally surprise her while she’s resting).


LRE: How did you find yourself in the real estate industry? Was it a career change?

EH: Oh boy, yes it was a career change for sure. I used to work in staffing, and after that sucked out my soul I quit my job and my husband and I decided to get into real estate together (it was as terrible an idea as it sounds, but my father-in-law has been in the industry for many years so we had some guidance). After realizing quite quickly that sales is terrifying and I was terrible at it, I accepted a position at the front desk at my office and I LOVED it. That’s where I first met Tony and his team! After years of working at the front desk and then starting a marketing program for that office and working for many agents there, Tony hired me on to work exclusively for him and it’s by far the best job I have ever had.


LRE: What do you do for fun?

EH: Just about anything that involves some kind of relaxation. I love watching movies, cooking, baking, wine tasting, shopping, painting my nails, snuggling with my dogs, and hanging out with my husband. I am an introvert, so I like to do calming things to decompress from the stress of being a human. We also have a little house in the Ozarks, so most weekends in the summer you can find me on the dock reading Harry Potter or floating in the water with Weston and a margarita. I also kayak and hike, I’m not lazy 100% of the time. And I love live music. Okay, okay, I’m done!


LRE: Do you have any hobbies?

EH: Um, I started running recently, but that’s more an elective form of torture than a hobby. You might consider collecting dogs a hobby, but at the moment I’m not allowed to have any more so that’s lame. I like to play with makeup and wear really dark lipstick? Not in a TikTok influencer way, in a realistic everyday wear sort of way.


LRE: What is your greatest strength as a marketing coordinator?

EH: I have always loved writing, which is why I pursued a degree in Journalism, and that is a huge advantage for me in everything from writing MLS descriptions for listings to writing articles for our newsletters. I also need everyone to like me all of the time and it’s very difficult for me to say no, so I will say yes to pretty much anything my team needs!


LRE: What is your favorite movie?

EH: I have so many, but if I could only choose one to watch for the rest of my life it would have to be About Time. If you’ve never seen it, stop what you are doing and go watch it immediately, don’t even finish reading this interview. It will make you laugh and cry and give you so much renewed appreciation for this ordinary, everyday thing we call life.


LRE: Do you have a favorite restaurant in KC?

EH: Do I only get to choose one? My husband and I adore going out to dinner and trying new restaurants, I would consider us amateur foodies for sure. Like, KC Restaurant Week is almost better than Christmas. Let’s go with La Bodega – potatoes are my favorite food, and their Papas Fritas Con Ajo is just *chef’s kiss.*


LRE: What are your favorite TV shows from childhood and adulthood?

EH: Another tough one, I watch way too much TV! I used to watch Walker Texas Ranger religiously with my dad as a kid, in high school I was obsessed with The O.C., and as an adult I will rewatch The Office and Schitt’s Creek until the day that I die.


LRE: If you were a professional baseball player, what would your walkout song be?

EH: Baseball is so boring, can I be a professional synchronized swimmer or something? In that case, my swimout song would be Get Low by Dillion Francis & DJ Snake. It’s the first track on my workout playlist and it never fails to get me psyched!


LRE: If you had the chance to be famous, would you take it?

EH: Against my better judgment, I think I would. I would just eat up the validation from all of my fans, and then I would cry every time haters criticized me and develop an (even worse) online shopping addiction. It’s fine.


LRE: What is your favorite place to travel?

EH: Europe, no question. Stunning architecture, the most amazing food and wine, beautiful people speaking romantic languages, just give me all of it.


LRE: What makes you feel like you can conquer the world?

EH: Honestly, doing my job well (good Lord I am such a brown-noser). Seriously though, our team works really hard and I respect everyone here so much, so when I do something and one of my colleagues makes a point of telling me I did well or that they appreciate it, it’s the best feeling!


Do you have any other questions for Emily? You can reach her any time at [email protected]. Thanks for helping us welcome her to the team!