Home Safety Checklist

Home ownership seems to come with an unending list of “to-dos” that take seemingly forever to get around to. However, there are some “to-dos” in and around your home that you should move to the top of the priority list. We’ve compiled a list of some home safety items to check for around your house. Of course this list isn’t fully comprehensive, but it is a great place to start to help ensure a safe summer around your home. 


  1. Examine your outside vents. They should be properly sealed and clear of obstruction to prevent carbon monoxide buildup in the house.

  2. Install carbon monoxide detectors – there should be at least one on each floor of the house covering all sleeping areas.

  3. Test your smoke alarms and demonstrate the sounds of each detector so your family members know the differences.

  4. Make sure you have accessible fire extinguishers on each floor and check existing extinguishers to make sure they are within the suggested schedule of the manufacturer.

  5. If you’re heading on a summer vacation, be sure to keep your house looking lived-in while you’re away. You can do this by leaving a car visible and installing timers for selected lights.

  6. Make sure your house number is visible from the street in case an emergency vehicle needs to look for it.

  7. It’s rainy season, so make sure that your sump pump is operating properly and has a battery backup on it. It’s a common occurrence for there to be water issues at the same time a storm knocks out the power to your home.