Inclusion Connections

In 2016 we were introduced to a new nonprofit called Inclusion Connections. Inclusion Connections is a local organization created to support individuals with disabilities by helping them gain access to community activities, jobs and independent living. Inclusion Connections serves more than 100 teens and young adults with developmental disabilities with a year-round program of educational instruction and social interaction opportunities called Community Connections.  They focus on the practical training of work skills which will translate to other jobs in the community. Meaningful jobs are necessary for the transition to independent living.


Inclusion Connections even has a business called Pawsabilities. Pawsabilities is an employment project of Inclusion Connections. The mission is to train and employ young adults with disabilities to create, market and sell all-natural, locally-made dog treats and toys. Through this, they are able to encourage independence, self-advocacy and community involvement for the members AND provide dog owners with treats they can feel good about.


Our goal for 2017 is to help spread the word about what Inclusion Connections is doing for our community and help them out by encouraging the sale of as many dog treats as possible. If you know of anyone with a hungry, furry friend, please spread the word!



If you’re interested in purchasing dog treats, you can do so here!





Be sure to follow Inclusion Connections on Facebook and Instagram so you can learn more about what they are actively accomplishing.