Our Favorite Things: Jennifer Mallory

Our business is built on relationships, and the best way to strengthen those is to keep learning about each other! We wanted to share some fun facts about some of our team members and clients with our Long Real Estate Team family, so this month we’re getting an inside look at the mind of Ms. Jennifer Mallory and we’re having a whole lot of fun!


1. Where did your favorite memory in Kansas City take place, and what is the story behind it?

I took my sons to the Michael Jackson Victory Tour at Arrowhead Stadium in 1984. All six Jackson brothers were on tour, and this was the heyday of Thriller and the single silver glove. I told my boys that if Michael Jackson ever came to Kansas City I would find a way to take them, and I did! It was a huge show, completely sold out, and the very first concert for both of my sons. It was an unforgettable night!


2. If you could meet any celebrity who has ever lived, who would it be and why?

I would take just about anyone with true talent in the music industry. I absolutely adore music and am so in awe of the talent musicians have and the joy they bring to people’s lives through music.


3. What’s your favorite thing to splurge on that feels luxurious but is totally worth the money?

I love to travel, as a child I even used to dream of becoming a flight attendant! My favorite places are always somewhere near an ocean (cruises are one of my favorite ways to travel!), and having mountains nearby is a big bonus.


4. What is a tradition you love that is totally normal in your family or friend group, but that no one else you know does?

My love of music comes from my mom’s side of our family, my mom was an amazing singer and her brothers were in a country music band. We used to all get together at my grandparents’ house, and my whole family would play instruments and sing and make food and have so much fun together. I started learning guitar a few years ago, I’m still not very good but I love playing in my spare time.