September is time for your lawn

Now that it is September and the cooler weather (hopefully) is on the way, it’s time for the feed and seed season for your lawn. Whether your lawn just needs regular upkeep, has a few problem patches that need attention, or needs a full blown restart, September is the time to do it. If your lawn is looking good and you just need to keep up the pace, proper fall fertilization will help the lawn fill in any weak or bare spots plus thicken the lawn which will help prevent weeds and other problems in the future. You’ll want to look into a soil condition, fertilizer and weed control treatment if needed.


If your lawn has some spots that need attention, RIGHT NOW is the time to mow it short, do some verticutting, and reseed and fertilize. Be sure to keep up the watering once you seed. If your lawn is totally out of control with weeds and/or you’d like to start with a new variety of grass, you can also choose to kill off your lawn this time of year and start over. Since we’re not experts, here are some very trusted Kansas City resources for fall lawn maintenance that have some extremely good and detailed step-by-step processes. Happy seeding!


  1. Toby Tobin’s 2019 Fall Lawn Program 
  2. The Grass Pad’s Fall Renovation Steps
  3. Family Tree Nursery’s 3 step lawn process