Small Business Highlight – November 2019

The holidays are quickly approaching and we’re all on the hunt for some fun personal gifts that won’t break the bank which is why we’d like to introduce you to the small business “Chemically Speaking” owned by our clients and friends Warren and Erica!


Chemically Speaking
Custom Laser-Etched Drinkware and More

Chemically Speaking is owned by a local KC maker duo, Warren and Erica, who are committed to making extraordinary glassware and barware. Chemically Speaking was born small. After moving to Johnson County in 2018, we discovered that we had a little bit of free time and a lot of amazing community resources. Thanks to the Johnson County Library, we stumbled upon the fascinating art of laser-etching glassware. We explored different techniques and materials, but there was one project that really spoke to us: unique wine glasses, pint glasses, and cocktail glasses. Why? When you sit down to enjoy a drink, be it a beer with friends or a glass of wine after the kids are in bed, that moment is about you. No matter how many hats you wear during the day, and no matter how much of a superhero you are to all the people in your life, that moment when you take your first sip is a moment of happiness and restoration and self-care. It’s very personal. You’re in your own microcosm, even if only just for a second. We believe your glassware should be just as personal. When you look down and see that glass of wine in your hand, or that beer on the counter, it’s yours, and you feel even more special when it has something that’s unique to you. We are both scientists by training, and we channel our inner science nerd into many of our products, but the mission to create a glass that brings you joy is constant, so we are confident that there’s a design for everyone. We are introducing new designs all the time.


Don’t see anything that inspires you? Contact us for custom orders and bulk orders. Custom wine glasses make any party a hit- great for weddings, corporate events, fundraisers, bachelorette parties, and more. Custom pint glasses make great groomsmen gifts or a creative gift for that dad in your life who’s hard to shop for! Let us create something for you that’s enchanting, nerdy, or just plain old funny.


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