Solar Energy

If you continue to be shocked by the high amount of your electric bill each month, you’re not alone. Rising electric bills continue to be a concern of homeowners, but more and more are taking steps to control what they pay each month by going solar. 


Solar panels are not a new phenomenon – they have been around for decades – but more homeowners are now starting to discover that residential solar panels not only help save money on electric bills, but also increase the value of their home, lock-in energy costs and decrease their carbon footprint. Being Midwesterners, we enjoy tremendous sunlight hours per year, making it the perfect region of the country to install solar panels.



With over 1.5 million American homes using solar power systems, the solar energy industry is stronger than ever. The Federal Government is also doing its part to help homeowners go solar by providing a 30% Federal Tax Credit on all solar systems.


There really is not a better time to go solar, especially with the upcoming expected high electric bills homeowners experience during the summer months.


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