Time to Winterize Your Sprinklers

Although it’s still beautiful out right now, we all know that October can often bring some pretty unpredictable weather and freezing temperatures. 


In order to get ahead of the game, we recommend that you call before the end of the month to make your sprinkler winterization appointment. It is a very important thing to do when you have a sprinkler system because when the ground freezes, any water left in your irrigation system can cause all kinds of damage, including bursting pipes and damaged back flow assemblies. This can result in costly repairs — not to mention a flooded lawn — come spring. If you have an above ground back flow preventer like the one pictured to the right, there is a higher risk of freezing earlier in the season, so be sure to make your appointment without procrastination. 


Properly winterizing your irrigation system helps protect your investment and keeps it running smoothly, saving you water and money in the long run. If you don’t have a contact already, give our preferred service provider Brian Lingner a call and he will be able to get you taken care of before the freezing weather hits. 

Brian Lingner
Lingner Residential Services